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With a history in the industry stretching back more than sixty years, Acuvue is a legendary name among contact lens makers.

Four Popular Types of Products Available from Contact Lens Sellers Online

Contact lenses improve the vision of millions of Australians, but they are capable of achieving more than many realize. Sellers of Buy Contact Lenses Online stock wide ranges of lenses that are tailored to suit particular needs and even some that are designed solely to make life more fun.

Many Kinds of Contact Lenses Available Online

Most brick-and-mortar stores and clinics that sell contact lenses are significantly constrained by the variety of products they can stock. Companies that focus their efforts online avoid this common problem by not needing to maintain costly, cramped retail spaces in order to close sales of their own.

As a result, the selection of products online tends to be significantly larger than is the norm at local stores. Some of the kinds of contact lenses that will often be found at leading retailers online include:

Conventional disposable. Lenses meant to be worn for a set number of days and then discarded now dominate the vision correction market. The hard, nearly permanent lenses once so common are still available to those who really need them, but most wearers opt for disposable alternatives instead. From lenses that must be retired after a single day's use to those that can last up to a month before being replaced, there are many styles of products now on the market.

Multifocal. One of the most common reasons to opt for eyeglasses over contact lenses used to be a need for two or more different types of vision correction. That has become much less of an issue in recent years, however, as manufacturers have made a great deal of progress in addressing this former shortcoming of contact lens technology. Many people today find that bifocal and multifocal contact lenses improve their vision just as reliably as eyeglasses while being more convenient to wear.

Colored. Contact lenses can also be used to alter the color of the wearer's irises, and this is an increasingly popular option. Some colored contact lenses subtly shift the hue of the underlying iris, while others are capable of changing it profoundly.

Novelty. An even more striking way to employ contact lenses for cosmetic purposes is to wear products that change the look of the eyes completely. From cat's eyes and reptilian-looking ones to even more outlandish designs, there are many fun novelty lenses now on the market.

Online Suppliers Have It All

With many more types of contact lenses also being available, there are dozens of options to explore. Just about everyone who might benefit in some way from one or more types of contacts will be able to find a suitable product online.